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on 4th October I order slim 24 pro online.after watching commercial on t.v.

I searched for the product slim 24 pro and the lost of website appears is slim24proindia.co.in. and as soon as i opened the website, a chat box popup. i ask about product and the quantity and quality and why they are giving the product in less amount as on t.v. it wast costing 4300+ 200 shipping and they were costing Rs.

3800 + free gift. then he said its online discount. when i ask him that I will order 2 pack the he said there will be no shipping & handling charges. So i order for 2 packs and 2 free gifts i.e alluma wallets.

After two days order delivered. when i saw there was only one packet, I ask the guy that i ordered for two packs and its only one. he said that he didn't know about it as he only and courier person. then i ask him if i open the pack then he said after paying you can not before that so i gave him Rs.

8000/ as the total was 7600/ and he ask me for change money so ask my sister for change money. As she was searching for money i looked in the pack and its written amount of packet one and total amount Rs. 7600/ Then i opened the pack its only one box and there was no free gifts also. so i said him its written one pack the how come you charge Rs.

7600/ for it. I will give only 3800 and there is no free gift also but outside its written one alluma wallet. then he said again he don't know and you can call the company and i tried to call the same number from which i received the call but it was not working. So i was then totally gone mad and i ask him to give back the money and take this product back.

he said he can't do it he is only a courier man then i said but you are taking all the money with you so your responsible for the product also. if you only responsible for the delivery then return it back and say i reject it and they will call me. then he said you opened the pack also then i said that i have to check my product as i am paying so much money. after arguing for a while he finally gave back the money.

Then i look for t.v. commercial and called the number and i told everything that had happened. then they said i must be the fake company as their website address is slim24pro.com and its not slim24proindia.co.in then i ask them to take some action about it. somebody is running a fake website with their company and product name.

they are spoiling your company name and you are sitting like that.

when you search for the product the first website appears is slim24proindia.co.in not slim24pro.com then they said they will do something about it.i was nearly got scammed but i was lucky i got saved.

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u can file a complaint against them

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