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I used it before 2 years for a month..and I really loose 5 kg. It's totally surprise. With no side I'm going to start it again..but after reading all this review. .I have to think again abt this...Any suggestions? ?? Add comment

Hi, I have ordered slim 24 pro from website and after 2 days got the delivery of this product. I used this product for 10 days and also follow the exercise plan written on it but have not reduce even 1 kg or 1 inch. I am trying to make claim for my money but nobody is helping me. Trying to call that person from which I have got confirmation call but there is no reply from him at all. Please help... Read more

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  • Dec 22, 2014
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plsss guys dont purchase in any web sites..... Add comment

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  • Dec 07, 2014
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Totally waste of money .. bought it for 4500/- but no results :( plz donot waste ur money.. Add comment

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  • Nov 19, 2014
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Slim24pro is a complete humbac . You order it via telephone and somebody delivers the product .If there is a complaint all you can reach is the call centre people with no hope of getting your money back. After using it for 24 days I only gained weight instead of losing. Please please do not buy this product . Add comment

Slim24pro is a complete humbac. You order it via telephone and somebody delivers and you pay them. After 10 days if there is no result all you have to call is someone in the call centre . They would just again and again tell you that this product is very effective and you would not know where to claim your money back. After taking this drink for 24 days I only gained weight instead of losing.... Read more

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Hi, I have oredered slim24pro powder from the website for Rs.4000. After ordered ,I got the product,but after getting the product only,I came to know that its a fake website of Original distributers .Original website is So I have asked them to return my money back by taking their product back .(They have mentioned money back guarantee in their website ) And... Read more

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Slim24pro - I was being tried scammed by fake company
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on 4th October I order slim 24 pro online. after watching commercial on t.v. I searched for the product slim 24 pro and the lost of website appears is and as soon as i opened the website, a chat box popup. i ask about product and the quantity and quality and why they are giving the product in less amount as on t.v. it wast costing 4300+ 200 shipping and they were costing Rs.... Read more

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